Holpol - Compost Sp. z o.o.; Tarnowo 1, 64-611 Gościejewo

T: + 48 67 26 84 200 / E: info@holpol.com.pl

We produce high-quality substrate for the cultivation of mushrooms. Continuous development, broadening the scope of services and client-oriented approach are fundamental rules governing all our activities.

We Communicate

We work in close cooperation
with both our suppliers
and our customers.

Our experts
Kuba Piasek
Managing Director

He has worked in the business since 2003. He acts as client consultant on cultivation and harvest. He began his proffesional career as a composting plant employee, which helped him acquire the knowledge and understanding of the whole cultivation process. Currently, he is involved in building the company structures and in the production of substrate for exotic mushrooms. He graduated from the Department of Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Production at Poznań University of Life Scienes. 

Miron Łukaszewski

New face in mushroom branch but with great experience in agriculture sector. Currently works as customer
advisor, taking care of good relations with our clients, guarantees support in cultivation and quality program

Holpol in numbers

60.000 TONS

of the third phase compost annually

20.000 TONS

of mushrooms grown on
our substrate annually