Ania Zdunek

Sales and Quality Director
Building positive relations with every person she works with is her mission. She strongly believes in common benefits from partnership relations with both clients and suppliers. Eagerly meets new people and explores new places - in her business as well as private life.

Krzysztof Pacholski

Machine Operator
Always cheerful and pleasant, ready to help, and very scrupulous at the same time. Customers praise his positive attitude and professional skills in area of loading bulk compost in their facilities.

Aldona Wilczek

She breaks stereotypes about classic accountant. Always with smile and positive attitude, she is able to deal with every finance "puzzle". Great conscientiousness and curiosity are her traits as well.

Krystian Grześkiewicz

Production Manager Deputy
Every task he brings till the end. He's strong and belongs to that group of men who admit that they like hard work. He's work results can be seen for example in good results of production department and quality of the product.

Kuba Piasek

Managing Director
Work in stress and under pressure of time is his best motivation. Then he takes the best and the most effective decisions. He constantly search for new development possibilities, also while advising clients.

Mateusz Szarzyński

Production Floor Manager
Good spirit of the whole production team. Incurable optimist that in each situation finds positive aspects and can transfer that attitude on other team members.

Miron Łukaszewski

Customer Advisor
New face in mushroom branch but with great experience in agriculture sector. Currently works as customer advisor, taking care of good relations with our clients, guarantees support in cultivation and quality program issues.

Żaneta Nowak

Purchase & Transport Manager
She's a role model of good organisation. Confident and consistent. Always on front desk in relations with suppliers. Effective and good relations with them are the effect of her cheerfulness and smile for sure.

Sławek Marcinkowski

Technical Department Manager
Precise and percipient, he has an analytical mind, that he use for searching the most effective solutions. Discipline he has in his blood, though smile never leaves his face and he's always open for exchange the thoughts.

Rudi Joris

Chairman of the Board
Creativity and open-mindedness, these two words describes him the best. He constantly search for new ideas and solutions. He looks into the future with hope and courage. Like every good boss, organisation is his strong point.

The philosophy
behind our work

We always start with the most vital issues in our work. We follow all processes through to a full conclusion. We constantly search for viable growth opportunities and seek resources that would boost our effectiveness in achieving goals.

We communicate with our customers. We cooperate closely with both our suppliers and our customers. Our objective is for the customers to consider us as a partner, so we welcome various expectations and suggestions. We strongly believe in long-term cooperation based on the principle of win-win.

We care for our customers, and we strive to offer them the highest quality services. We do everything we can to help them with their business activities. We believe that the key to achieving this is providing them with professional consultation services concerning increasing the yield of their cultivations and expanding the additional services we offer.